Keto Unsweetened Condensed Milk

Craving a creamy, sweet dessert but staying committed to a low-carb ketogenic diet?

We have just the solution – a recipe for thick and velvety keto-friendly condensed milk. This versatile ingredient opens up a world of possibilities for keto bakers, allowing you to create luscious desserts that would normally be off-limits.

Our nutritious take on condensed milk starts with antioxidant-rich heavy whipping cream, ensuring the final product will be high in beneficial fats.

To take it to sweet condensed milk territory, we simmer the cream slowly to evaporate the water content and concentrate those luxurious dairy flavors. With a touch of salt to balance the sweetness and creamy texture, you end up with a rich, spoonable milk concentrate.

The true keto wizardry lies in the sweetener we use – zero-carb erythritol. This natural sugar alcohol adds just a subtle sweetness but none of the blood sugar spike you’d get from sugar. The result is a subtly sweet, ultra-thick milk that can be used in all your favorite recipes, from quick fudge sauce to showstopping cheesecake.

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Follow our detailed instructions below to end up with about 2 cups of keto condensed milk. We recommend small test batches at first to get the consistency just right for your preferences. The cooking time will vary based on how thick and spreadable you want the final milk to be. Get ready to find that low-carb baking is truly possible with the magic of keto condensed milk!

Leche condensada sin azúcar

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