Sugar-free marshmallows

Fluffy, sweet marshmallows are a beloved treat, but usually loaded with sugar that knocks you out of ketosis. Thanks to this easy keto marshmallow recipe, you can now enjoy the pillowy satisfaction of marshmallow fluff without the blood sugar spike!

These sugar-free marshmallows achieve the same airy texture and vanilla sweetness as their high-carb cousins, with just a fraction of the carbs. We use gelatin as the setting agent and sugar-free sweeteners to develop an indulgent, ketogenic snack.

With just 5 simple ingredients, whipping up a batch takes minutes. Be sure to use a deep bowl, as the mixing process causes sticky specks of marshmallow to fly. The result is a tray of fluffy white cubes ready for hot chocolate dunking and dessert topping.

While delightful on their own, we suggest pairing them with a fat source since marshmallows don’t contain enough beneficial fats for keto macros. Try a scoop of chocolate ice cream with dulce de leche for a nearly carb-free sundae! Just avoid roasting over an open flame, as the sugar alcohol makes these melt instead of brown.

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For the perfect sweet pick-me-up without kicking you out of ketosis, try our simple sugar-free marshmallows. With just 1g of net carbs per serving, these are a keto dieter’s dream treat!

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