Sugar-free pumpkin spice syrup recipe

Well hey there and welcome to my pumpkin patch! I can’t wait for you to try my sugar-free, keto-friendly pumpkin spice syrup.

This easy-peasy recipe is perfect for spicing up your fall drinks and treats without all those carbs and sugar that’ll spook your healthy lifestyle.

I’m telling ya, just a spoonful of this sweet syrup in your morning coffee or spooned over some tasty keto ice cream is gonna have you falling head over heels for fall flavors. It brings all the warmth of pumpkin pie but NONE of the guilt!

Whipping up a batch takes no time at all and since it makes about 1 cup or 16 servings, you’ll have plenty to last you through Halloween, Thanksgiving and beyond. Each tablespoon serving adds just 0.5g net carbs to your treats. Now that’s what I call a treat!

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But be warned my friends – while we love our furry companions, this syrup contains xylitol which can be dangerous for pets. So no sharing with Rover or Fluffy ok?

And I’ll let you in on a little chef’s secret – the key to keeping this syrup from hardening up is using erythritol as the sweetener instead of stevia or monk fruit. Trust me, I’ve tried it all and good ‘ol erythritol gives the best results for a smooth, pourable syrup.

Ready to brew up some pumpkin spice magic? Well get on your broomstick and fly on over cause this recipe is about to cast its tasty spell over you!

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