Slow-roasted lamb shoulder in the oven

For a special occasion centerpiece that celebrates deep, savory flavors, look no further than this impressive yet easy slow roasted lamb shoulder. With just a few pantry spices and herbs, we transform a collagen-rich cut of meat into a showstopping, keto-approved main course.

Lamb shoulder contains more connective tissue than pricier cuts like rack or leg. But when slowly cooked low and slow, that collagen transforms into luscious, meaty flavor and succulent texture. We start by generously seasoning the meat with garlic, rosemary, thyme and lemon zest, allowing the flavors to deeply permeate the flesh overnight.

Once roasted for 5-6 hours, the shoulder pulls apart easily into tender, juicy shreds encased in crispy, spice-crusted edges. Slice and serve alongside roasted vegetables for a colorful, mouthwatering dinner platter. With 10 hearty portions, this is also perfect for meal prepping.

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For an impressive yet easy-to-make crowd-pleaser, our slow-roasted lamb shoulder is just the ticket. With its succulent texture, herbaceous crust and 1g of net carbs per serving, this flavorful centerpiece is sure to be the star of your next keto-friendly dinner party.

Paleta de cordero asada lentamente en el horno

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